2018 Cadillac Escalazer

Friend in NYC has driven a Blazer for decades into the big city and never an issue given its length. Recently he upgraded to a 2018 Cadillac Escalade and within six weeks it was *kissed* in the rear three times where he parks at work given the extra length it stuck out. The insurance company totaled it after the last bit of damage when the garbage truck made a rather ugly swipe. Given under 800 miles on the new Cadillac, he bought the total back from the insurance company and acquired a rear clip section and is having the wheelbase shortened 23 inches. Other changes are a radically lowering — thus the raised wheelwell lips for tire turning clearance and visual balance. Also minor changes are going to be made to the nose to cleanup the look further.

Escalazer = Escalade + Blazer.

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