1963 Ford Thunderbird 2-seater

1963 Ford Thunderbird 2-seater

The original 1961 T-bird is built upon a 113-inch wheelbase chassis and although I think the styling is unique — I’ve never gotten past that fact that it wasn’t a true 2-seater as the ’55-57 models which were built upon a 102-inch wheelbase. My neighbor recently purchased a ’61 T-bird and (with permission) I did some eyeball engineering upon it and with pinstripe tape to determine where cut lines could be made given lofts and crowns. This digital restyling concept is a result of that analysis and how I’d build it given my background of fabrication and metalshaping.


Per the comments from a well known SoCal automotive artist in regard to the roofline — a few minor changes made. (as well as a roadster iteration)

Another angle / view of the proposed modifications:

Modern wheels

What would she look like dressed in red?

This is another example of digital restyling and design by ModenaWest