1949 Ford Pie-Cut Coupe

1949 Ford Pie-Cut Coupe

Inspiration for this concept is from artwork that Harry Bentley Bradley did in 1983 and was published in a US and Swedish car magazines. What he envisioned was a pie-cut section through the body and an opposite direction pie-cut chop through the roof itself. In 1996 Don Lowe decided to build the design for himself and later Sam Foose acquired the project and turned it into a reality for a customer.

My version of the twin pie-cut section / chop idea was to incorporate mid-50’s era hardtop window openings to keep it looking as if Ford had built it. (instead of the Victoria model with its decidedly different rear window) I kept the trim as originally built and the elements in the nose itself even with 4in removed from it vertically.

As for the color and wheels? Anybody can paint a car red or black — but white isn’t normally seen at SEMA. And for a drivetrain, how about a modern Bentley Speed 6 donor including the wheels…

Here is the original Harry Bentley Bradley artwork from 1983:

This is another example of digital restyling and design by ModenaWest