Alfa 8C29000B Aeroprofile

Carrozzeria Touring. Years ago a northwest customer that I did several Pebble Beach award winning restorations for wanted dozens of original Anderloni designs printed out as 8-foot wide artwork for his museum. We finally sourced the original artwork and were able to get hi-res scans of it all.

In the years since (and with permission for my own use), I’ve digitally tweaked the drawings (like this one) as to how I would want them myself! Upcoming I am hoping to print about twenty of these designs in 8-foot panels, semi-gloss clear coat to seal and then varnish them and poster down the side of the new shop as artwork. [Lesson learned from my old shop — make sure the artwork is portable and can be moved when you leave or sell!]

This is another example of digital restyling and design by ModenaWest