1953 Corvette Italia Berlinetta

1953 Corvette Italia Berlinetta

This is a recently discovered 1953 Corvette that still has its original paint, patina and modifications from the era. Apparently it was originally shipped over for the 1953 Turin Auto Show in Italy but was damaged during shipment. GM wrote it off and it ended up eventually with a manufacturing industrialist who hired Gruppo Bertone in Turin and had the “Stile Bertone” department repair the damage and modify it with a Berlinetta style roofline. Other modifications one can identify are changes to the fin lofting, rear bumperette, nose shape and added lower engine bay cooling vent. Pretty cool!

Note — the above never happened but it sounds good! Interesting fact is that Harley Earl as well as Bill Mitchell did attend several of the Turin Auto Shows in the 1950’s and inspiration for the 1963 split window Corvette was the Alfa Romeo B.A.T. rear window treatments per Peter Brock.

The ’53 Corvette Italia Berlinetta wasn’t found for decades as it was shipped to Mexico for the Carrera pan Americana event. It never ran as the Italian industrialist didn’t make it in time as he was distracted by a lovely señorita along the way. Thus it has sat in a garage near Acapulco in the state of Guerrero on the Pacific coast of Mexico ever since…

(another good story eh!)

A friend requested this version!

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