Art Deco Atlantic [Design Iterations]

The top was the initial image we started with in regard to a Art Deco [Bugatti] inspired vehicle by a friend in the Northeast USA. As one proceeds down the page, the beltline changes, the shape of the side window differs as well as playing with two-tone color treatments and its affect on the overall design.

Some of you will identify this as a variant of a design put together by a good friend who builds rather interesting and unique Art Deco inspired vehicles in the Northeast USA. We were just looking at what to do to put the “kidney stone” inspired side window into the design platform he had created and was selling to people. Of course I took a few other liberties with the design! Last I saw the artwork was being utilized on his website as well as print media and apparently one is being built that I last heard.

While doing the Art Deco Atlantic variant for a friend, I wondered what a more modern interpretation of a classic French inspired hardtop look would upon his Atlantic-inspired project. Two very similar iterations shown here with just the rear corner of glass at the C-pillar being slightly different in form. Nothing became of it unfortunately.

This is another example of digital restyling and design by ModenaWest