1960 Abarth Record Monza

In early 2013, I discovered an Abarth Record Monza in a storage unit north of Seattle and where it had been stuffed away since 1974.  Owner had purchased the former racecar (supposedly a Team Roosevelt car but likely not) at the racetrack where it had broken and then proceeded to make “improvements” to it and essentially bastardized what was there.  Unfortunately he had heavily sandblasted the thin aluminum bodywork and what wasn’t warped was hopelessly work hardened.  In the end he wanted the moon for it in terms of sales price and I walked away.  Given there was no drivetrain for it and the suspension (and all bulkheads were removed) — it probably would have been best to make it into a fun driver and plug in more modern parts.  An original Bialbero 850cc which would be correct for it are $50K alone and questionable how long they will live.

Imagine a 1100lb small light racer with a modern Fiat 500 engine and wheels/brakes and suspension (and the newer engine mounted in the rear!).  It would have been fun but wasn’t meant to happen…

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