1935  Nuvolari Ducati Racer

Before Enzo Ferrari of racecar and manufacturing fame post WWII came into existence, he ran an outfit before the war called the Scuderia Ferrari which took care of customers automobiles and later became the quasi-official entrant for Alfa Romeo’s and who’s leading driver was the great Italian racer named Tazio Nuvolari.  But in the small footnote of history that is mostly forgotten is that Enzo had a motorcycle team that was highly competitive with a few championships and numerous wins in the country.  Once he was handed the Alfa Romeo team racecars to run — he basically folded the motorcycle team up due to lack of resources to do both.

One of my imaginative ideas over the years is what if Enzo was never handed the official Alfa Romeo race team and still had retained Tazio Nuvolari as a driver?  Remember Tazio was a famous Italian motorcycle racer before he got into automobiles.  What would he have ridden or had constructed by the Scuderia for himself?  And what if Ducati had a 350cc racing engine available to utilize in such an imaginative combination?  Here is the first of many iterations of this idea that I have created over the years.

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