1950 Volkswagen Hebmuller Custom

1950 Volkswagen Hebmuller Custom

A customer recently asked me the status of my personal VW project that gets neglected given customer work being the priority. The extended back cowl structure is built, windscreen chopped. front fenders extended on the rear side and the extended front hood is TIG-tacked but needs finished (along with all the inner front trunk structure to make it look “factory”. Remember the entire cockpit on my Type 1 through the back of the doors has been slid back five inches from stock. Lots of work and probably nobody but myself would ever notice it! (but I want that longer nose styling)

I’m going to source some Hebmuller aftermarket rear coachwork and rear decklid along with the panels between the cockpit and the engine lid. I have a set of doors and will do them reversed hidden hinge style. Door pulls are from a mid-1930’s Alfa Romeo along with the traffic indicators. Rear skirts will be custom. Front wheel cover will be custom made to emulate the ones from the 8C2900B Alfa Romeo coupe from Pebble Beach in 2008 and our first Best of Show award.

Engine is all vintage Okrasa speed equipment parts with a Hudson supercharger setup. (swap deal from long ago before the value of these parts became their weight in gold)

Here is a recent mockup of what I hope my project will end up looking like when it is finished…

[Note: I have a set of early 911 Fuchs alloys for it as well. (the Alfa style wheel covers are heavy!)]

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