2012 Ford Focus Wagon

2012 Ford Focus Wagon

What does a fabrication shop today utilize for a “parts runner” vehicle that gets good gas mileage and has a secured area to keep the parts from wandering off? Or for a small distributor to use as delivery of “beverages” to remote locations where a big vehicle just isn’t viable given costs per mile?

Take a multiple-door Ford Focus wagon and make it into a panel delivery! (weld up the rear doors and plate the windows) Pitch the rear seats and carpet the inside rear area with numerous strapping points in the floor and sides to keep the cargo from moving.

Admittedly the idea was inspired by a bright yellow/black Volvo station wagon at Boyd Coddington’s shop about 25 years ago.

note: There are logos for this but I’m going to leave off given the customer for the interim. (they are tasteful)

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