1954 Ferrari 375MM Scaglietti

1954 Ferrari 375MM Scaglietti (Evolution)

Originally a Ferrari 375MM Pinin Farina bodied racing spyder as delivered but it had a slight “incident” with the owner Roberto Rossellini (Italian director) / Ingrid Bergman (actress). In 1955 it went back to Sergio Scaglietti’s carrozzeria where it was rebodied as a more functional coupe. Lots of fascinating stories to tell (for here at least) but amazingly the car stayed pretty much intact throughout the decades of being largely forgotten and abandoned. In 1995, I was part of the restoration team that restored it back to its current form.

In the 22+ years that I’ve known this coupe, there are several changes that I’d have wanted to make to it. (thus my Evolution version) Oversize diameter cast 206 Ferrari Dino style wheels as the original wire wheels are heavy and flexed when driven hard. Fix the side vent as it was originally built crooked and bugs me but it was original and stayed that way! Make the grille lower lip more rounded (vs flat as it is today) — even though I spent almost a week at the time building a new grille that is in it currently. And fix a few things with the roof profile itself, B-pillar kink and rear screen fitment. Also with the way the body was originally constructed it sits on top of the frame, a big exhaust and other protrusions hanging below — I’d fix all that and I’d lower it to mid-1960’s era racing Ferrari height and stance.

Of course this being a 1-of-1 rare Ferrari — it will only happen virtually as nobody is insane enough to actually acquire and modify the original one. (and the owner has zero interest in selling it in his lifetime)

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