Bimota db1.EVO

Something that I sketched out in 2004-ish? I always wanted another 1996 Bimota db1 but they went out of my price range and are not very practical motorcycles to be honest. I always wondered what a modern version of it would look like with current marketplace Ducati components within instead of the old Pantah-based relics. Bodywork has been acquired and a mockup of the chassis has been constructed. Just ran out of time between customer projects and it is put away in storage for the interim. One day I will get it finished and hopefully a few rides on it while I still physically can do it.

As for the what is a db1?  The Bimota DB1 was a motorcycle manufactured by Bimota between 1985 and 1990 in Rimini, Italy. Originally commissioned by Cagiva, the DB1 was designed by Bimota’s Technical Director and ex-Ducati engineer, Dr. Frederico Martini — and it saved Bimota from almost certain bankruptcy. DB1 stands for Ducati Bimota One, i.e. the first Bimota powered by a Ducati engine.

The DB1 production was as follows:

Type Quantity Notes
Ducati/Cagiva Prototype 650cc 1
DB1 750 cc 400 5 kits, 307 went to Japan, 12 went to US
DB1J 400 cc 53 53 went to Japan
DB1S 63
DB1SR Prototype 1
DB1SR 153
DB1SR Serie Finale 7 Last 7 frames, assembled in 1990, 3 went to US
DB1R 9 One is a spare frame only, 4 went to US
Total 687

The hardest part of making the Bimota db1.EVO (evolution) project happen?  It was finding a set of OEM factory bodywork.  It took 13 years in fact!  Since new bodywork will be made for this project, using thin flimsy aftermarket panels to pull new molds from isn’t an option.  This OEM bodywork isn’t perfect given it was damaged by a former owner — it is at least a good start.

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