Alfa Romeo B.A.T. 8

I am a true admirer of the design work of Franco Scaglione in his time at Bertone and after leaving and doing his own business in designing for others. His most recognize works are the BAT series he did when at Bertone — #5, #7 and #9d which all appeared at the Turin Auto show and are all sitting in the Blackhawk Museum in San Ramon, CA today.

Over the years I’ve wondered what the “missing BAT’s” would have looked like? Here is a quick variation of one (in gray) where I kept some of the more unique roof and tailfin structure of the earlier versions but with the more production oriented (and practical) front end design of the last one built. There is a box of BAT “what if” drawings and one day maybe I will share or actually build one as it would be a lot of fun to drive down the road.

This is another example of digital restyling and design by ModenaWest